Office Bearers

Mr. Samir Thapar
  Ms.Priya Thapar                                                Mr.Rajmohan Singh
Mr. Amarjit Singh  Mr.H.S.Grewal Mr. Inderjit Singh
 Mr.Kuljit Singh                                                         Mr.Jarnail Singh  
Mr.Harjinder Singh
Mr.Vijay Bali                                                     Mr.Surjit Singh Gill  
Mr.Ashok Kumar Sharma
  Mr. Narottam Singh  Mr.Shamsher Singh Mr.Jasminder Singh Jakhar
   Mr.Amar Pal Singh 'Kaka' Mr.Sukhbalwinder Singh Mr.Jaswinder Singh


  • Today, the Returning Officer has received 20 Nomination Forms from different Member Associations which are validly accepted as per Norms and Notification dated 29.11.2022 ...

    Notice to Members

  •  As already notified by the Hon’ble Returning Officer for PFA’s Election to Executive Committee (vide notification dated 29.11.2022 copy again enclosed), ...

    Notice to Members